Director’s MBA Scholarships, University of Edinburgh, UK

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Director’s MBA Scholarships, University of Edinburgh, UK

Five Director’s Scholarships, each with a value of £4,000, are awarded to students from any country.

The Scholarships are open to applicants who have an excellent academic record and who are applying for admission onto the Full-time MBA or MBA in International Business in September 2011.

Although applications for scholarships should be made before either 30 April 2011, 31 May 2011 or 30 June 2011, the scholarships will only be awarded to applicants who have firmly accepted their offer through payment of the deposit. Applicants who are unsuccessful in applying for a Leadership Scholarship will be automatically considered for the 31 May 2011 deadline Director’s Scholarships.

Applicants who hold full sponsorships are not eligible for the scholarships.

If an applicant is successful in being awarded a scholarship, but subsequently declines their offer of admission on the MBA programme, the award of the scholarship will be withdrawn and awarded to another applicant.

Applicants should submit a 700 word essay, explaining why they feel they should be awarded a scholarship, and how the scholarship will benefit them.

This essay should accompany their application for the MBA programme.

The scholarship will be awarded on the basis of academic merit and the benefits to the student.

The decision will be made by a committee consisting of Directors and key staff from Admissions.

If you have already sent your application, you are welcome to apply separately. Please email your application with the title ‘Director’s Scholarship’ in the subject matter to [email protected]. Please ensure your full name and contact details as stated in your programme application match those on your scholarship application.

The closing date for applications is as follows:

  • 30 April 2011 (2 Scholarships awarded)
  • 31 May 2011 (2 Scholarships awarded)
  • 30 June 2011 (1 Scholarship awarded)

The winners of the scholarships will be announced by the Business School in early June for the 30 April deadline, in early July for the 31 May deadline and in early August for the 30 June deadline. The successful applicants will be invited by the Business School to attend an awards ceremony early on in the programme.

Business School
The University of Edinburgh
29 Buccleuch Place
Edinburgh, EH8 9JS
Email: [email protected]

An award may be withdrawn if a student fails to meet the academic standards set by the University.

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