Scholarships in Psychology at University of Uppsala, Sweden

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Scholarships in Psychology at University of Uppsala, Sweden

Position as PhD student in developmental psychology. The project that is the financial basis for the position concerns the relation between aggression and cognitive control functions (so called executive functions) in children, and how these factors longitudinally are related to peer relations.

Qualifications: The applicant must have a basic university degree with psychology as a major subject.

Specific Qualifications: Experience of performing testing and working with children, as well as shown administrative independence are considered as additional qualifications. Good knowledge in Swedish and English is required.

Selection: The selection will be based on an assessment of the applicant’s aptitude for successful completion of graduate studies, made by the professors at the department. The bases for this judgment are the previously written research thesis, interviews (if deemed necessary), and finally, the plan for a research project.

Financing: These positions are financed through a combination of grants and department resources. The successful applicant will be supported the first year with a doctoral grant and the remaining three years by a doctoral studentship.

  • Application form
  • CV including certified copies of merits
  • The undergraduate thesis
  • A research plan (see below)

Research plan: The research plan should concern research that the applicant may wish to pursue as his or her dissertation project. However, at this stage, having written about a particular project does not imply a necessary commitment for the future. The university is striving for a more even gender balance in its research and teaching staff and men are especially invited to apply for this position.

For more information, see

or contact
Carin Tillman,
phone: 073-7203653,
e-mail: [email protected]

Uni0n representatives are Anders Grundström, Saco, telephone +46 (0)18-471 5380, Carin Söderhäll, TCO/ST, telephone +46(0)18-471 1996, Stefan Grundström, Seko, telephone +46 (0)18-471 3315.

You are welcome to submit your application no later than 10 February, 2011, UFV-PA 2010/3452. Use the link below to access the application form.

PhD student position in Psychology:

Visit official website.

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