PhD student positions at the Linné Flow Centre at KTH Royal Institute of Technology

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PhD student positions at the Linné Flow Centre at KTH Royal Institute of Technology

KTH is the largest technical university in Sweden. Education and research cover a broad spectrum within natural sciences and engineering, as well as architecture, industrial engineering and management, urban planning, work science and environmental engineering. KTH has 13344 full-time students, with 6955 at the Bachelor (first) level, 5545 at the Master (second) level, 1314 students at the doctoral studies (third) level, and 3900 employees.

The School of Engineering Sciences carries out a wide range of research at the international front line, from fundamental disciplines such as physics and mathematics, to engineering mechanics with applications such as aeronautics and vehicle engineering. We also offer University degree programs in engineering Physics, Vehicle engineering, Engineering and Education, and “Open Entrance”, as well as a number of International Masters Programmes.

The Linné Flow Centre ( organizes research in fundamental fluid mechanics at KTH and is one of twenty original centers of excellence set up by the Swedish Research Council (VR). The centre was established with a vision as an outstanding environment for fundamental research in fluid mechanics, where innovative research is born and future research leaders are fostered.

The groups of Turbulence and Micro- and Complex fluids within the Linné Flow Centre invites applications for three PhD positions within the field of multiphase flows, with relevance for energy conversion. The aim of the project is to develop models for droplet clouds/sprays in turbulent fluid flow. A promising and advanced method to simulate such flows in real applications is large-eddy simulation. In this approach the large turbulent scales are simulated directly while the smaller scales are unresolved and need to be modeled. Some of the most important unresolved subgrid-scale processes in large-eddy simulations of turbulent sprays and clouds are the huge influence of the turbulence on the evaporation, breakup and coalescence of droplets. This is important in many applications, such as the use of bio-fuels for energy generation. This requires a multi-scale approach since processes at micro- as well as macro-scale play an essential role. We are presently looking for three graduate students to work jointly with each other and other students and researchers in the group, specializing on different parts of the project:

  1. Numerical simulations of droplets in gas flows, in the presence of evaporation, thermal effects, and deformation. One purpose of this research is to aid the modeling and simulation of turbulent multiphase flows done in the other subprojects.
  2. Develop subgrid-scale models for small-scale turbulence-droplet interactions. This entails the study of turbulence-droplet interaction through numerical simulations, theoretical model formulation and computational work to test developed models. Input from the other two sub-projects within the project is also essential in the formulation and the implementation of the new models.
  3. Large-eddy model simulations of transport and evaporation of liquid fuel droplets injected into a pressurized chamber. The computations are to be compared to available experimental data. Sub-grid model improvements for droplet transport, droplets interactions, droplet deformation and its evaporation are to be undertaken in collaboration with the other two sub-projects.

We seek highly motivated candidates holding a Master of Science degree in engineering or applied physics, mechanical engineering, computational science, applied mathematics, as well as good skills in oral and written communication in English. Also, the applicants should preferable have good experience with computers and programming and possess the ability to work independently.

A successful candidate is expected to join the Turbulence and Micro- & Fluids research groups at the Linné Flow Centre. The position will include about 80% research and 20% teaching assistance.

Form of employment: Time limited
Start date: According to agreement
The salary follows the directions provided by KTH

Application deadline: March, 6th 2011
Employer`s reference number: S-2011-0100

Candidates are invited to send in applications containing a letter where they describe themselves, their qualifications and interests. The application should also contain a curriculum vita, grade transcripts and names and addresses of two references. Applicants about to finish their M.Sc. degrees may be considered for the position.

Applications via email to:
Carolina Eneqvist ([email protected])
Write reference number in the email subject (CV etc should be sent as attachment, preferable pdf-files).

Queries concerning the project content can be directed to:
Professor Gustav Amberg
Phone: +46 8 790 7534
[email protected]

Dr Geert Brethouwer
Phone: +46 8 790 7149
[email protected]

Professor Laszlo Fuchs
[email protected]

Professor Arne Johansson
[email protected]

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